2 Locations for 2017 #Zero25k – Interested?

I’m trying to gauge the level of interest in my yearly #Zero25k program which would kick off again in a matter of weeks (14th January precisely) – now in its 5th or 6th year of operation.

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Times makin’ changes…

As they say time waits for no man (or woman) and that the onwards march of time is relentless.

There’s a great line in a song by Tesla that always stuck in my head from when I first heard it many, many years ago:

Changes, time’s makin’ changes in my life
Rearrangin’, can’t seem to stop the hands of time

Many life gurus will advice that no matter what you do, every decision you make should move you forwards in pursuit of your goals.

Well, just like time moving onwards so is it also true with our business.

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Ready to be Vanquished?

On being demoed the Zone3 wetsuit range we were really impressed in Amphibian King with the quality of the materials and the manner in which they had been designed and put together.

I was so impressed that I put my wetsuit from last year up for sale and ordered a Vanquish for my 2013 season and beyond. I’ve still got my original wetsuit which I will continue to use for training and hopefully I will get the benefits of the technically advance Vanquish when racing. (Bit like the wetsuit equivalent of having a training shoe and a racing shoe).

Features include:

  • The Vanquish makes use of some of the World’s highest performance materials and combines these with a thoroughly researched panel design to ensure maximum flexibility and balanced buoyancy.
  • Aerodome neoprene designed with air bubbles built between the fabric layers producing up to 30% more buoyancy than conventional neoprene. Featured on the top of the chest to help aid the essential course sighting when swimming open water and also on the thighs to help support the core leg muscles
  • Buoyancy carefully balanced through the suit to ensure the optimum streamlined swimming position and maximum efficiency through the stroke.
  • Stylish graphite neoprene on the arms and gold and bronze tones for an exclusive look.





You get a Zone3 wetsuit storage bag when you look under the suit. Perfect, ventilated bag for storing your suit between swims with a sturdy shoulder strap for carrying it around.




V-shape neck design with built-in moulding which keeps the suit in position at the sides but allows a lower and more comfortable ‘T-shirt’ fit on the front keeping the suit away from the adams-apple


Speed Channels on the chest to divert water flow and direct more water on to the legs to increase natural buoyancy and to give a boost with each leg kick.


Sensory Catch Panel: Aeroforce fabric is used on the forearms to give an improved feeling and catch in the water. Rather than a traditional rubber fabric, the Vanquish uses a double layer of high performance, water-repellent lycra fabric. This firstly reduces arm fatigue as there is not as much buoyancy resistance during the catch phases of the stroke but also allows the swimmer to improve their efficiency in the water. No water can enter the suit but you will feel the coldness of the water on the forearm panel which helps to align your hand and forearm during the stroke to give more propulsion and also a more natural feeling swim.


Designed with an ultra thin one-piece shoulder panel stretching from elbow to elbow. As soon as you put this suit on you can feel the difference! Maximum flexibility meaning you can increase your distance per stroke, conserve energy and minimize any shoulder pain.

Upwards breakaway zip design for even quicker transitions and protection from having your zip pulled down during a race.


Pro Speed CuffsTM on the arms and the legs for rapid removal after the swim to ensure the quickest transitions, saving you vital time on any course.


I’ve been in for a swim since I got the suit. The fit is brilliant, the quality neoprene ensures that the fit follows your body shape with no gaping and hugs you like a second skin without being constrictive. The first swim was a bit short to actually check out all the benefits of the features, however, the buoyancy was just perfect! Not too much and not too little allowing me to swim through and under breakers without having to fight the buoyancy and having enough to allow me to lift my legs high and ‘body surf’ back into shore.

A more in-depth review will follow as I venture more into the open water.

Stay tuned!!


RoadID – Affiliate program helping Croi Galway

Following from my previous post on Training ICE in which I stressed the importance of carrying identification with you at all times when training or racing, just in case of accident or medical emergency.

By far the simplest means of carrying identification, contact numbers and or medical history is by using the RoadID range of products. Personally, I have been wearing the WristID for the past couple of years and thankfully it is one of those products I have not had to use but still wear it daily. It’s actually a habit now and I don’t notice it, it’s just like a watch and I rarely take the WristID off.

Due to the feedback and the number of queries I’ve received about the RoadID products (across LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter & here) I contacted the company to ask for some information.

RoadID have set Amphibian King Galway up as an Affiliate so that we can refer and direct interested people to the RoadID website.

If you are interested in buying a RoadID for yourself, your husband or wife, your father or mother, son, daughter, friend or training partner we would greatly appreciate if you would buy through our link (or the logo above)

We will earn a commission cheque for purchases made through this link. However, all commission cheques will be made out to Croi our charity partners for 2013.

So by doing something that may save your life you are also giving to help save someone else.

Thankyou & be safe out there.