Half Marathon Program – Week 4


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Half Marathon Program – Week 3

Now to notch things up slightly.

People wonder about the intervals and tempo runs – what is the purpose?

Simply put if you get used to running at a faster pace & effort, then you can sustain an easier, aerobic pace for longer. Faster pace runs also help boost fitness.


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Half Marathon Program – Week 2


Week 1 over and done with? Hope that everything went well for everyone. I didn’t hear too many complaints so either you are more able that you think you are or the sessions aren’t tough enough?

If you are only catching up Week 1 sessions are here, but please don’t try to catch up, just work away at the week behind for now.

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How do I know how hard I should be working out?

For a lot of people knowing how hard a workout should be conducted is that “how long is the piece of string” question.

If is was left to ourselves we could convince ourselves that it is hard enough but in reality most people train either way too hard for their level of fitness or way too low to actually gain any fitness benefits.

So how do you know which is right?

If you are not training via Heart Rate we use a relative scale called Rate of Perceived Exertion (RPE) or the breath scale:


You can see by the shading that it roughly coincides with the 1-5 scale used for Heart Rate Training (as per featured image) and shown below with the relevant Training Effect:


Would you like to know a neat trick?

If you take the scale used in the first image (1-10) and multiply it by 20, it will roughly coincide with your Heart Rate at that level of effort. You can check by counting your pulse for 10 seconds and x6 it.