Speculate to innovate? Polar #V900, what will it be? My wish list.

I love the way the internet is great for people to throw out ideas and watch a seed germinate. So I’m going to try it with one of the most rumoured about products not on the market (and no whispered titbits about development either!) the Polar V900…
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Sports bras – What’s the point?

To answer the question “what’s the point of a sports bra?” we need to understand more about the subject.

Are you ready for a bit of breast science?

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Stride Lab

It’s interesting that the people who brought us Stride-Rite shoes when we were kids are still looking after us as adults with running shoes made for each of us.
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Everun with Saucony

I feel like a bold schoolchild on their way to the principles office!!  🙂
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‘Tis the season for giving, so we got your back…

While we have a cracking Bonus offer on Gift Vouchers for Christmas, sometimes vouchers just don’t cut the pudding and you need to give the gift of shoes (or apparel) but don’t know which ones!

Let us help.

We have a great fit & function policy in our store which covers you based on our recommendations. During Christmas we extend this so your back is covered when buying gifts.

How it works… you’ve done as much homework as possible, have the brand, have the size but are not quite sure of the model of runner… (if by chance we don’t have the record in store) what we do is give you the nearest thing we can think of and you have the ‘protection’ of bringing the shoes and the person back to us in the New Year for a complete fitting.

Simply bring the shoes, in the box with the packing back in January and we’ll look after it from there. (There is no problem wearing them around the house but we’d prefer you come back so we can be 100% sure that the shoes are the right fit for you). We’ll do the full measuring and fitting and if necessary swap out the shoes for you.


BTW our gift vouchers don’t expire or have silly T & C’s attached. No fees, no maintenance. Simple!


[CLEAROUT] Polar Heart Rate – #DealoftheCentury

At this stage everyone knows how good Polar Heart Rate Monitors are. Only last week I was comparing notes with a guy about the Polar RS300x which had a beast of a GPS pod you wear on your arm:

Polar G1 GPS – A beast of a pod!

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Making a bags of commuting when #running…

What bag do you recommend for runners that intend commuting to and from work / college / school / training?

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Have you had a look at CRAFT Baselayers yet?

Craft is a Swedish brand specializing in clothing for endurance sports where performance and comfort are crucial for a good result. Working closely with elite athletes and constantly developing new materials and technical solutions, Craft offers cutting-edge training and competition apparel.

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Time for a GPS & HRM Update…

A while ago I was asked on the Q&A with #RSP – What #running watch to go for? and my answer, based on the functions and price at that time, was unequivocally the Polar M400

I’m revising this opinion as there has been a change in how Garmin products are being brought into Ireland.

Without having to go into the history too much, the distribution model as well as currency changes and the higher Irish VAT level meant that in most cases it was cheaper to buy your Garmin overseas (not the handiest in terms of warranty claims – there was a unique setup for Irish bought units that added value) but this has now changed.

Today, you will find that we have most of the current Garmin range at prices LOWER than the equivalent from UK online retailers.

Garmin FR 220 with HRM – UK website €299 Our Price €255.00

Garmin FR220 Violet

Garmin Fenix 3 with HRM – UK website €556 Our Price €509.00


Garmin Fenix 3 no HRM – UK website €515.00 Our Price €460.00


(Garmin 920XT is the same price as the Fenix 3 bundles)

In the context of the article I wrote following the #RSP Q&A the price gap between the Polar M400 and the Garmin FR220 is much narrower.

The decision based on the value of the watches is tougher to make as while the Polar has more functions in relation to the activity monitor and multiple sport profiles; Garmin does have the legacy effect of dependable GPS and recognition of being the ‘running watch’.

The playing field has changed slightly and we are delighted with the changes in the price structure.

One final thought is in relation to the upcoming FR225 with optical HR. The feedback I’m hearing is that the wrist detector is 5% less accurate than that of the FR220 with chest strap. I would be reluctant to recommend the 225 for this reason, at this moment, as, if you are training to HR you need accuracy and dependability of readings.

What do you think of the new prices?

An Epic #running Triumph!!

We had a great opportunity to try out some pairs of the new Saucony Triumph ISO and invited everyone to come along and join in the fun.

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