Coaches Corner

Welcome to Coaches Corner!!

You most likely have been directed here from the Experienced Program for Dublin City Marathon 2015 or a web search for our #Zero25k program (Zero-to-5k) If so you are in the right place as we cater to all level of running ability!!

We would like to welcome our guest coach David Tunney who has been of immense help with putting this marathon program together for you. It is with his help as my own training mentor and his contributions to the programs that we are able to bring these running plans to you.

I then, in turn, am able to mentor the beginners program (you will find it’s page here)

David is also going to be a massive help in moderating the Google+ platform and probably the forum too (when we get that established) he will be available alongside myself and Edel to help you with any training queries you may have such as interpreting the sessions or advice on fueling your runs; that sort of thing.

Now just to mention, some of you may wish to go a step further than the level of detail that David has provided in the Experienced Program. You may wish to have a personally tailored program that works off your race results or you may wish to engage with a coach to get some one-on-one guidance.

David is available for that form of consultancy ( in my experience this level of coaching is invaluable) and his charges are modest. If you would like to have a chat with him you can contact him through this form for more information:

If you have any queries about coaching or training in general please feel free to contact us through Facebook and we will add feature posts or FAQ links here:

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