#Zero25k – The Starting to Run program Zero-to-5k

Follow the weekly workout reports as they are linked here:

October 2015 Program

Week 1 – Zero25k Underway

Week 2 – See how easy that was?

Week 4 – Introducing a big of fun play

Week 5 – Getting to the crux of the matter

Week 6 – The heart of the sessions

As always we advise a checkup with your Doctor before commmencing any strenuous exercise and taking their advice. The #Zero25k is a beginners program and as such follows the principles of the Couch to 5k in bringing people from a low physical activity starting point to running 5 k.

We would suggest reading some of the other sections of the blog including the Training FAQs for more understanding of what your body is and will be going through over the course of the program.

The best of luck and we love hearing from you, so if you have any queries please don’t hesitate to ask.