Paris Marathon a report of sorts but not a race one.

Last October I decided it was nigh on time that Edel and I got away for a weekend so I asked her would she fancy a trip to Paris in the Spring.

She readily agreed so I booked flights and ‘accidentally’ entered us both for the Paris Marathon on 3rd April at the same time…

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Hypothermia as a lifestyle choice

This is a scary read about a near miss in the hills.

I often wonder about people that I see in jeans out hill walking in light jackets totally unprepared for what might happen. And it is worth noting that while you dress for the hills according to the weather that you can see you must always be prepared for the weather and conditions that you least expect.

There is no harm in carrying one or two kg of extra dry clothing in a bag, it’s not that heavy and won’t slow you down. But it may save your life!

Field Notes

A cautionary tale. A touch rambling perhaps, but an important lesson.

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The Time to Train? 

“..if you want to train, the time is there, you just need to plan properly and have good time management skills.”

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Times makin’ changes…

As they say time waits for no man (or woman) and that the onwards march of time is relentless.

There’s a great line in a song by Tesla that always stuck in my head from when I first heard it many, many years ago:

Changes, time’s makin’ changes in my life
Rearrangin’, can’t seem to stop the hands of time

Many life gurus will advice that no matter what you do, every decision you make should move you forwards in pursuit of your goals.

Well, just like time moving onwards so is it also true with our business.

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Sports bras – What’s the point?

To answer the question “what’s the point of a sports bra?” we need to understand more about the subject.

Are you ready for a bit of breast science?

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Are you looking for a running group in Limerick?

Any interest in our #Zero25k from Limerick?

I’ve been recently asked about expanding our Galway based #Zero25k group, which is now in its 4th year, to facilitate interest in the Limerick area.

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Strength Exercises for Runners

It’s quite simple, running is great for getting you fit but is absolutely useless at building any muscle tone as you are not doing any resistance training.

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Stride Lab

It’s interesting that the people who brought us Stride-Rite shoes when we were kids are still looking after us as adults with running shoes made for each of us.
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Everun with Saucony

I feel like a bold schoolchild on their way to the principles office!!  🙂
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Recommended and Mandatory kit for #trailrunning? We got your gearbag covered…

Trail Running is a fantastic way to spend your time running. There is so much to discover and every step leads you to a different view of the world around you.

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