Don’t be getting hot & bothered, stay cool with layers

Conventional wisdom tells you that the trick to staying warm when running in cold weather is to wear layers.

Did you know that that self same wisdom also applies to when you want to stay cool running in the heat?

Crazy huh?! 🙂

It is actually quite simple when you think about it but an appropriate Base Layer garment worn on it’s own or under everyday running or training apparel can add to the overall comfort when the going gets hot.

Using Warm weather Base Layers (not thermal ones they’re for Cold weather!) which are fabricated using man made cool effect fabrics or inter-woven with other natural fibres, allow the rapid absorption of moisture that is then “spread out” across the fabric surface where it then evaporates quickly creating a cooling effect and added comfort.


A ‘cooler’ colour will also help reflect heat.

Now these base layers are fine for Ireland where the temperatures are not so extreme. If you are travelling to train in the sun (or cross a desert) then it is worth investigating some of the more purpose-built freezer type fabrics which coupled with high SPF will enable you to run miles and miles in the high heat and sun.

These fabrics are also available in sock format too so your feet stay as cool as the rest of you.

1000mile Breeze 2014WL


Stay cool!! 🙂


CEP Compression wear

There is always confusion about what constitutes ‘Compression’ in the expression ‘Compression Wear’.

Its a term bandied about all over the place and often is simpy used to market cheap socks and tops to unsuspecting consumers who think they are on to a good thing.

Good compression wear will have a base in medical compression where it has been tried, tested and proven. By assisting the returning blood flow from the lower leg and stabilising the muscles many athletes find their recovery time from workouts is quicker and there is less muscle soreness.

Medi compression – Advantages

  • More energy, greater endurance and enhanced performance
  • Improved circulation
  • Preventative function
  • Muscle and joint stabilization
  • Improved coordination

Fitting compression socks can be a struggle, but this is a good sign. If you can put them on like regular socks, guess what? Then they are as useful as regular socks and are useless as compression wear.

With working on my feet mostly I wear my recovery compression socks after morning runs to ease fatigue in my legs through the day. They definitely work for me.

Have you tried compression socks? How did they work out for you?

Check out the CEP range in our webshop and instore in Galway and Limerick