[EXPERIENCED] #AKWest Dublin Marathon Program – Weeks 0-4 or 23-19

Welcome to the Experienced Marathoner program.

You have several done, a couple of years marathon running under your belt and are getting to a point of possible frustration with a lack of further improvements?

We’re about to get you down off that plateau and smash those limitations!! 🙂

Your Training Plan is a little more complex than the programs that we have laid out for the Beginners and Improvers (naturally enough) so for ease of management we are using the power of the Cloud to allow us to edit and adjust the program whilst leaving it accessible to you!

So with that in mind please follow me down the rabbit hole to your new plan…Experienced Runners Plan (worth bookmarking this link in your ‘Training’ folder on the desktop). 

Dave will be updating the blocks there on an ongoing basis and depending on the outcome of the poll below (please contribute) can fill in the blanks regarding effort, pace and all that side of it. There are a couple of prep weeks with some key session such as the HR Field Testing (please do this fresh so rest Monday).

If you already have zones set by Matt Bidwell it is worth doing this field test as a back up to the existing zones. Any queries….ask Dave! 🙂

On that note it is time to point you towards the Coaches Corner where you can find out a little more about David and his contact details for obtaining personalised plans and coaching.

There will be no group run next week as both Edel & I will be recovering from our Adventure over the weekend and it is unlikely we will be fit to walk nevermind run! 🙂

Have a good weekend and a solid start on Tuesday.


Happy running!! 🙂

Edel, Sean & Dave

PS. a quick poll on what you think we should do to manage discussion. We would like for you to be able to find the answers to the most frequently asked questions as they arise along the way. We think either the Google+ Community  or a separate forum would be ideal but what do you think?: