Thoughtful running..being present in your run.

I was out for my ‘easy’ run this morning.

Supposed to be 1 hour and easy Zone 1-2. At least that is what is on the plan that I am revisiting at the moment.

So when selecting a @wearenation podcast, looking for ~1 hour, my decision was made easy by the most recent one featuring Brian MacKenzie

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Keira Henninger Recovering from Adrenal Fatigue | Trail Runner Nation

I’m a big fan of @WeAreNation – Trail Runner Nation podcasts.

I discovered them a couple of years ago and listen regularly. As the podcasts have gotten longer so too have my runs. Sometimes you just go looking for that extra loop so you get the end of the show.

One of the recent ones I found very interesting was on over training and how our bodies react to sustained adrenal stress.

Source: Keira Henninger Recovering from Adrenal Fatigue | Trail Runner Nation

Well worth listening to and if you are someone who habitually over trains or lives a stressful life, this is something you should learn to manage before you go damaging yourself further.