Mizuno Precision 13

I recently discussed my current selection of #running shoes, Regaining Ground: How many pairs of shoes do you need?!

One of my biggest regrets was the demise of the +Mizuno Running Wave Elixir and that I didn’t pre-order enough into +Amphibian King West to ensure I had a future supply.

I like the replacement offering, the Mizuno Wave Sayonara, but still not lighting up my world the way I want it to (can’t please everyone!)

Today the Shoe Fairy arrived bearing gifts!

A brand new pair of Mizuno Wave Precision 13 arrived for me to try out & review (not the best idea a few days out from my ‘A’ race marathon) but these things have to be done 🙂

Love the colour!!

Outside of Right shoe showing Wave plate and ap+ Midsole
Top & bottom views showing Dynamotion Fit & X10 Carbon sole
Inside fo Right sole showing Neutral Wave plate.

 I like the look, slipping off my current Mizuno Wave Inspire 9 and slipping into the Precision 13 the similarity of fit is immediately apparent – I love it!! I also notice the extra couple of mm in the heel height so again very similar to the Mizuno Wave Elixir; soft heel pitching you forward onto a firm forefoot giving a very aggressive running position.

They feel fast!! Can’t wait to give them a spin, but it will have to be next week.

Til then 🙂

Like it or leave it, please let me know what your views are.

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