Thank you

2 more sleeps.

Been a tough week, trying to stay off the feet, look after the body, get a massage in, work with the roller, avoid too much running, ‘keep it in the pants’, work, family too are important, our young lad has had a bug (seems over it now, thankfully).

Last weekend for the first time in what seems, forever, we’d a family Sunday. A proper one, where there were no races, no big training, no work to interrupt us going out and doing stuff.

We went off to Kinvara & explored around Newquay after a lovely lunch in Linnane’s. The kids loved the Martello Tower and we’d a time trying to figure out where the door was while watching out for pirates on the horizon.

A great day out and nice to relax with the family.

This Sunday will be different.

This Sunday I will be away from the family.

This Sunday I will be putting all the miles, all the frustrations, all the encouragement, all the doubts, all the ‘everythings’ to good use.

This Sunday I will be working hard to achieve a goal for me.

On Monday I return to my family. To be with my family. To be there for my family.

Thank you for the support, for delivering me to the start line. I will do you proud.

Like it or leave it, please let me know what your views are.

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