[BEGINNERS] – #AskAKW Dublin Marathon Training – How’s the legs?

Getting there now!! 🙂

This is a short block of training as we’re building the last 4 weeks as one unit to deliver you safely to the start line.

Now this is crunch time for training and preparation.

If you haven’t already done so recently you now need to be thinking about:

  • switching in a  new pair of running shoes
  • race-day nutrition
  • what you will wear on the day

That’s where we come in.

You’ll be able to find information and advice on fuelling in this blog (search other posts) and we are always on hand to advise on the best way to rotate new shoes into the mix. Check out How do you know when a shoe is ‘dead’?


So onwards for the next block!

 BEGINNERS  M  T  W  Th  F  S  S
 Week 8 – Sept 1 Rest 8  8 10 Rest 5 23
 Week 7 Rest 8  10 8 Rest  8 24
 Week 6 Rest 8 12 8  Rest 10 or Half Marathon Race 24 or Rest
 Week 5 Rest 8  12 8  Rest 5 28


All distance are in kilometers (km / k) at no point do we use miles or mph to designate speed, distance or pace!

‘Rest’ is ‘rest from running’ NOT sit on the sofa and eat crisps and ice-cream. Go for a swim, a nice walk, easy cycle. You should also consider flexibility exercises like pilates or yoga on these ‘Rest’ days.

While we are still doing steady pace runs, now is the time to introduce a little bit of pace to your training. From now on the Thursday run should be considered a ‘Tempo’ Session.

The first 2k should be easy warmup pace, the last 1k should be winding down too cool. The bit in the middle should be at your 10k pace (which you established a couple of weeks ago, right? 🙂 )

Just to highlight the race options for the end of Week 6. You either RACE on Saturday which earns you the Rest on Sunday or you do the 10k Saturday and 24k on Sunday. It is not pick and mix!! 😀

This is a half marahton race so effort should be high and you are striving to get the best out out your running. It is not a run for the sake of a run, it should be tough. Warm up properly and cool down properly. 

Happy running!! 🙂

Edel & Sean

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